The Bees In the Trees


Sitting outside after a peaceful meditation and just observing. The season has changed and it is the second day of spring. The trees are sprouting new life, new flowers, new leaves, new seeds and new beginnings.

I am watching the bees fly in and out of my garden, on mission’s unknown, spreading life to bigger parts of the world that I cannot see. Little carriers of life.

A white feather floats past me, and a white butterfly lands on the lilies. Little moments of movement in life, rays of sunshine and new life unfolding, and as I write this, I am not entirely sure what the objective is, or the message behind it, or is it simply a moment to observe how things can change in an instant.


The feather sending reminders of Angels close by, the butterfly bringing a blessing from the Universe and the bees carrying life and growth in ways I couldn’t possibly imagine. Carrying with them the beginning of an entire new season.

A silent network of busyness, in this tiny little creature, going about its day without worry and over thinking, just doing what it instinctively knows to do. In that instinctive knowing and doing with thousands others just like him, and yet somehow unique, life just seems to happen. The flowers bloom, the seasons change and new life emerges in the world around me.

I can’t help but wonder…

 If it is quite simply, that easy. If this is how the Universe, the Law of Attraction, faith, inner wisdom, all of it works.

Is it as simple as a collective of instinctive thoughts and desires, without over thinking and questioning how it works, that may simply be how the way is paved for miracles?

Perhaps a lifetime of thoughts are out there in the Universe already, of all that we want and desire, and without over thinking, they are the little bees instinctively working together with forces greater than ourselves, and this is how the dream happens.

Perhaps, this is simply me, over thinking the simplicity of how life seems to go on, how the seasons change, how new beginnings are carried in the little unseen things that go on in the world around us. The things we don’t notice, the things that just seem to happen.

What we do not understand sometimes bring the biggest changes in life, and perhaps, the only thing to take away from this moment, is to release the constant need to understand it all, thinking that this is the only way for things to work out in our favour. Perhaps it is in not understanding, that we get to hold space for miracles to happen, as simply as the bees in the trees.

Perhaps in not knowing, not understanding, we reconnect with instinct and starting believing in the magic of the world again.

Find Your Place

Find your place alt image
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Born with Fears

We are born with two fears; the fear of falling, and the fear of loud noises.

Standing in the heart of the city. We are surrounded by cars, music, shouting. This is even in our own homes. We have gotten so used to it that we don’t even notice it. We don’t know what quiet is. I know this is not my place. Not in the city.

I must have been seven or eight when I learned that an ostrich buries its head when it is scared or overwhelmed. I thought it was such a ridiculous thing to do.

Burying our head in the sand

Until I noticed I did it as well. We all do it. When we are alone in a public place, or on an awkward date, or uncomfortable in general. What do we do?
We look at our phones. Stare at a screen, pretend to text. Re-read messages. Anything to look busy and distract us.

For the first time, I’ve noticed that we have turned a weakness into a coping mechanism. We are, as humans, easily distracted if we want to be. When we are uncomfortable, nervous or feeling awkward, we look at our phones to distract us. But it doesn’t help. In the background of our mind, we are still absorbing the city. People rushing everywhere, loud noises, cars honking at each other. We are nervous, but we are distracted from that. The fight-or-flight in us is recalibrated.

Every day we are inducing ourselves a state of paranoia. Anxiety is grown and cultivated in the chaos we live in. The city, the pollution, the smoke, the cars. The cellphones. This is growing in our subconscious mind. And we feel alone.
We feel awkward when we accidentally make eye contact with someone we don’t know. We feel like walking on the street is “no-mans-land”. We feel out of place in a space that we built. We feel trapped in it. We are chained.

Freedom in Fear

I got lost in the desert for two days. It was scary. But I couldn’t help but feel free regardless.

My mind drifted like the sand.

I felt clean.

In this world of chains, I was unshackled.

Heatstroke had hit me. It felt completely insane. And even though I knew dehydration was the very next real threat on the line, I knew this was my place. I didn’t feel the need to bury my head. I was no longer an ostrich. My fight-or-flight was not compromised. I had full control of my circumstances. I gripped my stick, and I kept walking. I was Invictus. I was the master of my fate.
We managed to find a way out on the second day. We found the ocean. It was a happy ending. But fuck was it a scary ride.

It didn’t take long to realize that we need to leave city-life for a bit. Anxiety builds up inside of us. We need to leave technology behind and give your mind its rest. Find a mountain and walk up it. Find a river and go swim in it. Go camping.

Find your place.

I found mine out there.