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What makes our programs different is the combination of various mindset and energy tools. Together they fast track progress, however each of the tools in the program will still get results even if they are used separately. The combination of these various tools are delivered weekly, and designed to be easy to understand, without being time intensive, meaning that they are adapted easily into a busy life style and applied quickly and effectively to create positive outcomes. These programs can be done in your own time, and at your own pace, supported by weekly group coaching calls. 

The mindset work is important in understanding that anxiety is fear, and finding the source of the fear, and shifting them. Energy work fast tracks the shifting of those fears. Everything is energy, everything that is living, the universe, gravity, human beings. If energy is out of balance, it is often because we are not connected to the continuous flow of the universal life force, and this is often because of trapped emotions. Through energy work, we are allowing life force energy already within us and around us, to flow, removing blocked and trapped energy and reinvigorating our energy to bring a sense of balance and clarity.

None of the energy work or tools that we use in this program are religious, nor do they conflict with or disrespect any religion. Like with all modalities, there is always an origin of where things began or where they were discovered, which often creates a misperception of connection to a specific religion. The tools in our programs are all non-denominational, however if there is any aspect, such as the energy work that you are not comfortable with, then you can choose not to incorporate that and still have fantastic results with the mindset work only for example. Our goal with everything offered in our programs is simply put, to give you as much support as possible to fast track your success story, without you feeling forced or uncomfortable using any of the tools and support made available to you.

The beauty of our programs is that they are created with your time in mind. Having suffered from anxiety ourselves, we understand that the worst thing would be an overwhelming list of tasks to complete before you have a successful outcome. Our content is delivered weekly, in easy to digest sections. Each week focuses on one topic, and it should take no more that 30 – 45 minutes a week to go through the weekly training on a core topic. Then it is a matter of applying that weeks learning’s into daily life in order to quickly, and permanently start moving forward and overcoming anxiety.

Once you have signed up and completed the full program, you will have lifetime access to the full program so that you always have those tools available to you should you need them. (Although, by then end of the program, we suspect that you won’t need them anymore.

The most important part of the program is the mindset work. Understanding that anxiety is fear, and the opposite of fear is faith. In order to create the lives of our dreams and overcome our anxiety, the key is shifting out of fear and into faith, faith in ourselves, in all that is, and all that can be, for then we are free from fear. The mindset work is key in identifying the fears, where they come from, and shifting and releasing those fears. The other parts of the program are additional resources to help you fast track the outcome of releasing those fears, however will not hold back your successful recovery should you not wish to do the energy work for example.

Our core programmes are 90 days, because permanent change requires time. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have positive progress in week one already, it simply means that we are not overloading you with information that will overwhelm you, but rather delivering content that builds up strong foundations in an easy way to sustain permanent change.  

As with life, there can always be bad days because there is a world outside of ourselves that we respond to. The program gives you quick fix tools that you can come back to, and use at any time if you are feeling stuck or low. You also learn throughout the program how to manage the circumstances around you, and within you to not have those bad days. In addition, you have access to a group of likeminded individuals who are on the same journey as you are, and you are supported by a team of coaches who are there for you.

Meditation forms a part of our programs, but is another additional tool. Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool to get clarity and insight to where we are stuck and how to move forward. Often people find general meditation has not made much of an impact, however if you don’t understand why you are meditating, or what you hope to achieve from it, then you may end up feeling calmer perhaps, but not necessarily empowered. As part of the program, we have created a set of guided meditations that are specific to that part of your transformation journey. We also then teach you how to meditate on your own so that you can use meditation as a tool for the rest of your life should you choose to, to keep growing, and keep moving forward.

What is energy work & what should I expect?