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Ami Alt Image
Ami – Self Love Ambassador

Miss boho, go green or go home, free spirited warrior. She brings her gentle, love of all living things vibe to the beautiful yoga portions of our programs. You may have seen her on our Social media feed a few times – that lanky brunette that always seems to be too tall to fit in the photo.

She has overcome many struggles with health, self love and self worth, and is a beautiful bright soul that embraces herself and her scars fully, spreading her light through all things natural and love. She is the perfect self love ambassador as she loves herself with the perfect balance of spirited confidence and humility.

James Alt Image
James – Inner Being Ambassador

Mr Word Warrior over here is probably one of the few whose anxiety sometimes actually exists outside of his own mind. We get to bear witness to his word vomit which usually has us in stitches; you may have seen some of his splatterings on our blog page.

James embodies the random in an ever thoughtful way. He puts the rantings of his inner being out there, and yet there is always more beneath the surface, this must be why he never runs out of things to say, or entertaining entries to our blog. He is both young and old at heart, we can only imagine the conversations that go on in his mind!

Storm – Visualisation Ambassador

She is lightning without thunder, with her noise all on the inside. She puts this noise to good use as our in house creative, as she shares her voice with us in colour and creation.

She is the creator of our digital artwork, bringing our visualisations into reality with her mad skills. She brings the colour to our world, to our HSG family and to our brand, telling her story, our story, your story through her beautiful creations. Where she doesn’t have the words, she has the pictures, and she is painting our world with her light, with her story.

Juanita – Monkey Mind Ambassador

She is our founder, and curator of knowledge, beautiful people, and most importantly, the cheerleader to a phenomenal team. She loves being in her creative bubble, dreaming big for our team, dreaming big for our clients, dreaming big for the world. Her monkey mind is always up to something new and she does her best to keep up with it.  

Her biggest passion is the success story destined for every person in this world, and developing ways to help that happen. Always in favour of the underdog and the little guy, there is no room for bullies in this world, and her ultimate dream is to create schools and shelters across the world for animals and underprivileged kids. She is also a huge believer in the power of laughter, laughing at ourselves and letting people be authentically themselves.

Chris – Inner Child Ambassador

Mr high techy techy, he is our captain corn, and can literally find a catch phrase and turn it into a lame joke, and laugh at himself every time. He has been shackled by corporate anxiety and what society has said he should be, and he is broken out of those cages in the most glorious way.

He is our tough guy and our teddy bear, he is also Juanita’s person, and dad to two frenchies. He is a beautiful heart that has finally broken free of all it’s dark walls of protection, and he keeps stuff automated, funky and fresh, the driving force behind the cool stuff you get from our programs and websites without a glitch. He is also the only one of us that’s taller than Ami, and despite his height, his world is still ruled by his inner child.

Tash – Love & Abundance Ambassador

Ms Love and Abundance, Tash is the lover of all things, attractor of bees and curator of lucky beans. She embraces the universe and is conscious of all the signs. She goes through life with a heart wide open and nothing lights her up like genuine connections.

For Tash, there is no other purpose to do things in life other than love, and she brings that authentic, pure love to everyone she meets. She is our lead breakthrough coach, and shows up for everyone she interacts with as if they are family. She will embrace you with love, and it’s impossible to feel alone in her presence as she just gives warmth, love and light. She is a bundle of positivity and having overcome her own anxieties, losses and struggles, she brings that positive vibe into the world and no matter what life throws at her, she only sees goodness in abundance.

Disclaimer: Our programs are not a substitute for medical advice. Our programs are designed to give you an understanding and set of tools to manage and help overcome the effect of anxiety in your life. If you are feeling suicidal, contact your local suicide hotline and seek medical assistance.