Nadia Writes:


People say there is no cure for depression and anxiety- that it can only be managed. Well I have tried everything on my journey to become enlightened enough to manage it.

Various things like cognitive behaviour therapy, also reading up on dabrowski’s overexcitabilites and his theory of positive disintegration, to eastern techniques and beyond. It has helped, but there has always been something holding me back.

But This anxiety program I found has helped me well on my way to overcoming everything that has held me back. This program should be used by everyone!

Lucky for me I found the right tools and support to manage anxiety in the form of the course offered by the HappySadGirl Team and especially Juanita de Weerdt- their founder. They understand the nature of empaths so well and work to grant you the power of light to harvest in yourself. The positivity and passion they bring to the table is infectious.

Their model is so well constructed and easy to follow- that it doesn’t even feel like you are working towards becoming a lightworker yourself! They offer energy healing- reiki- yoga- meditation and numerous other tools to manage anxiety and depression. It is empowering to say the least! The combination of this approach is superbly beneficial for young and old. I should have enrolled my whole family as everyone can reap the benefits of learning how to cope with the daily pressures.

They even offer corporate packages for employee wellness. 

I highly recommend it as it is absolute value for money all round and worth the investment in yourself. Everyone who struggles from the daily anxieties to unwanted states born of fear can benefit from this. 

It really is the place to heal. The positivity and gratitude I feel towards the team is immense as this is the best decision I have ever made!

“All you have to lose is negativity.”

Deborah Writes:

I approached the happy sad girl course with a dash of skepticism. I feel compelled to write (after my third week) that it has been an amazing and powerful journey so far. Juanita is inspiring.

“I have never felt so happy and healthy as I do right now.”

I am excited to continue with week 4.its like a beautiful gift.
Thank you

Natasha Writes:

“I truly believe the hardest journey is the one you take from your head to your heart, my healing journey was found in the path leading back from my heart to my head and my wellness was found in the continuous flow of honoring both my thoughts and my feelings with the happysadgirl.

Thank you to the most phenomenal women behind it all Juanita who has shone the biggest bright light on my path, where there was once darkness I see only the light and will continue to with the happysadgirl amazing energy healing work.

I have always been curious about what energy work was and what it could do for me. I knew I needed to heal from traumas and chaos that was a constant in my life. I seemed to go in circles which seemed like at the time, had just no way out and all I could do was to run, run like the wind and not deal with the real and rawness of my life. Until one day I woke with curiosity and a overwhelming sense that things had to change and the only way they could was to take charge of my life and dig deep.

In the beginning it was messy , but I never gave up I kept my head up and heart strong and had a knowing it could only get better with the wealth of knowledge and abundance of beautiful energy I had been opened up too.

This healing journey I have begun I have been  so lucky to start with Juanita it has lead me to become my true authentic self in ways which I never imagined.

I was completely skeptical on how it all worked and came together , but I did know and learnt that I actually  just needed to surrender to the flow with a heart wide open.

 I will never look back and only forward, onward and upwards I  go, my future is bright and I see this and feel this with complete clarity and ease.

I had no clue that I would cross paths with a truly amazing gem of a human who Is warm, loving, a way shower and my healer in my life and constant she has set me up for life with all amazing internal and external tools to get me through my days presently moment by moment. Every day I learn and grow more and more on this beautiful journey into the butterfly I always knew deep down was inside waiting to fly.”

"I have a whole heart full of gratitude for your work and for you as a human and for starting this journey with you, thank you I am so excited for what's to come!"

Jen Writes:

This program is phenomenal. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the magnitude of what we are going through that we think to heal requires an equally huge amount of work and time to make it happen. This program is simple, logical and easy to apply, with each week building on the next in order to not only get quick forward momentum, but to keep building and become truly empowered in our lives.

I am living my dream life, free from fear and have all the tools I need to keep moving forward and permanently. I am free from everything that has held me back, my energy is sky high and I’m on a beautiful, peaceful, happy and fulfilling path in my life thanks to this program and all that I have learned from it.

"Thank you, thank you thank you for helping me get free from fear and believe in my dreams and who I am!"

Guy Writes:

"So valuable to take a step back and just be present for a moment. Thank you HSG for reminding me how and helping me move forward."